Relax & Heal Candle With Rainbow Moonstone, Crystals Lemongrass + Lime

| Healing, Letting Go, Resilience |

The Healing candle is for anyone who is experiencing loss or grief of any kind. Sprinkled with Black Tourmaline along with Rainbow Moonstone along with the unique fragrance blend of Lemongrass+ Lime. Experience the calming fragrance of Lemongrass infused with Jasmine which will offer comfort and solace to help you heal.

It allows you to relax + bring your emotions to the surface so that you can acknowledge and release them. The combination of crystals promotes inner balance in your life whilst it holds your hand as you work through the different stages of healing.

This Candle will continue to offer healing energy associated with its magical powers of the Black Tourmaline + Rainbow Moonstone.

Also sprinkled with Clear Quartz, which amplifies all of the properties of the crystals that surround it, bringing you more support and love than you have ever seen before.

Fragrance - Lemongrass + Lime

  • Size 285Grams
  • Shine Bright for 55+ hours burn time.
  • Breathe In – Initial Fragrance - Lemon Zest + Lemon Peel, Fragrance Heart -Lemongrass + Jasmine, Lingering Scent - Vanilla Bean + Rosewood
  • Pure Natural – 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, 100% Natural Soy wax, Eco-friendly 100% Cotton lead free wicks, Highest quality fragrance oils
  • Non-Toxic & does not contain Palm oil.
  • Love Local – Hand poured with love in Australia.

Note – Small embellishment crystals sprinkled on top of each candle may vary from candle to candle and may differ from those pictured, as each candle is handmade individually with love + care.

Relax & Heal Candle With Rainbow Moonstone, Crystals Lemongrass + Lime

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