D&M Designer Wreath


Please allow 24hr notice prior to order thank you.

Please call or let us know in the notes your prefered colour choice 


We know how hard losing someone can be and we are here to help and advise you at this sad time. We have years of experience creating beautiful floral tributes for funerals, memorials and gravesides.

The approach we take is a natural and informal one; our arrangements are freer and more garden-like, which is appreciated by families whose loved one adored their garden and nature.

Unlike most florist shops we don’t make you choose from a set menu. Every arrangement we create is unique and personal, using your chosen colours and combinations ,and All our arrangements are created on biodegradable bases and we do not use any floral foam with harmful chemicals or plastics. 

For a personal chat about all the different options we can offer you, please call us 0422754074


D&M Designer Wreath

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